Insights Vendor Terms and Conditions

Subscription Benefits and Purpose
StrategyMix Insights allows you to demonstrate your thought leadership and position yourself as a trusted advisor.
You do this by providing thoughtful answers to the questions posted in the forum, and by posting high quality content that you have created yourself.

Definition of Vendor
For the purpose of these terms and conditions, we define "Vendor" as any seller of IT software, services, solutions or consulting. In practice, this covers all IT vendors, IT resellers, IT Service providers and IT consultants.

Behaviour Enforcement
To minimise vendor abuses of the Insights portal, StrategyMix assigns penalty pointes for unacceptable behaviour. If a user accumulates 5 penalty points, then their account will be suspended for a month, with no subscription refund being provided. Following the suspension period the user's penalty points will be reset to zero.

Any user who is suspended twice, will automatically be expelled from StrategyMix Insights for 3 years.

Messages and Meeting Requests
Vendors may not publish posts or use the Insights messaging system for the purpose of generating sales meetings. Infringement earns 2 penalty points.

Authentic Questions
All questions must be submitted by real end-users, either directly within the forum or at a StrategyMix roundtable. Any questions submitted by a vendor, will be deleted. 1 penalty point.

External Links
You should provide answers in the forum and only include external links where necessary. Posts with external links that are deemed to be irrelevant to the question or an overt sales promotion, will be deleted. 1 penalty point.

Video Content
The only videos that should be posted in the forum are those that you have created yourself or videos taken from a StrategyMix run demo or roundtable. All marketing videos will be deleted.