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StrategyMix round-table events give senior IT professionals the opportunity to discuss common problems in a relaxed atmosphere, with no PowerPoint or formal presentations. Unless specified in the event description, all events are for end users only. If you’re an IT vendor or reseller, you should visit our Sponsorship page to find information, events and webinars that are relevant to you.

StrategyMix Round-Table Net Promoter Scores 2019 = 81

The Question:
On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to attend another StrategyMix Round-Table?

NPS = % Promoters (9 to 10) – % Detractors (1 to 6)

In a group of 10, 5 give a 10, 5 give an 8. NPS = 50


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November 2019
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