Account-Based Channel Marketing

Beyond and far more effective than traditional channel marketing

StrategyMix Marketing System

A Battle Tested, fully functional marketing automation system.

Round Table Marketing

Would you like to run one Round Table Event a month and fill them with high quality prospects every time?

Channel Marketing Transformation

From Mass Marketing to Micro, ‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing

Client testimonials

“The StrategyMix Marketing Program is generating meaningful conversations in high value target accounts. Their process is different and better than any ‘out of the box’ channel marketing program that I have come across. The sales team can’t believe how well it is working.”

Antony Bridle

Director, Sempre

“StrategyMix has been invaluable in providing really good advice and helping me develop and execute successful marketing strategy and programs with measurable ROI. I’m looking forward to implementing the new Micro Marketing solution from StrategyMix, Jonathan is continuously coming up with new services and ideas that push my thinking and encourages me to try new things. I really enjoy working with the team at StrategyMix and highly recommend their services.” Christine Patterson

Marketing Manager, Habour IT

“We’ve only just started working with StrategyMix but the impact has been immediate. I’m now introducing them to all our vendors. I wish I had engaged with StrategyMix earlier.”

Matthew Goubar

Marketing Manager, Content Security

“I’ve been working with StrategyMix for around 2 years and I am so glad I engaged with them. My role involves vendor alliance and marketing and in what was initially a part time role, the workload has grown into full time hours. At Blue Connections, we have a very busy marketing program. “Working with StrategyMix is like having an extension of the marketing department and I honestly have no idea how I could get everything done without them.”

Erica Smith

Marketing Manager, Blue Connections

3 Reasons to Chose StrategyMix

Account-Based Channel Marketing

Beyond and far more effective than traditional channel marketing, which is based on the mass marketing paradigm.

StrategyMix Marketing System

Powerful stand-alone marketing automation, purpose built for ABM.

Round-Table Marketing

Build relationships, demonstrate thought leadership and position yourself as a Trusted Adviser, with high quality prospects

Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing

To promote events, white papers, videos, etc



Email Copy, Case Studies, Blogs, Social Media Copy, Website Copy

Marketing Strategy

Develop an annual, multi-vendor marketing plan


To drive attendance at events, or for lead follow-up


Market / Content Research

To identify the topics of interest to your customers and prospects 

Database Building / Improvement

Run a gap analysis to find missing contacts in target accounts

LinkedIn Marketing

Using  connection attempts and InMails to send event invitations

Inbound Marketing

Creating images and copy for posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Website.

Website Conversions

To convert your website into an easy to use, low-cost, CMS

Vendor Clients