Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver


Brett Ayres

Brett Ayres
Services Director

StrategyMix UK Cyber Leaders Open Discussion Roundtable (21 Oct)

As this is an open discussion roundtable, we encourage each participant to bring one “pressing” question, related to Cyber Strategy to the table, so that they can benefit from the combined wisdom of their peers, which in this instance will be a group of Cyber Leaders, just like you.

While the questions will be determined by the group, the sort of topics that might be discussed include BOYD, supply chain security, quant risk analysis, alternatives to traditional pen testing and flagging security awareness programs.

This roundtable will operate under the Chatham House Rule to promote a collaborative environment.

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All events are free of charge. A condition of attendance is that you allow your contact details, including phone and email to be shared with the event sponsors. Please do not register if you compete with one of our sponsors, as this will save us the embarrassment of having to cancel your registration.

Registration Conditions

Due to the limited number of places that are available at a roundtable, we can only accept a maximum of one delegate per company and only if you are based in UK. Priority will also be given to those have received a direct invite. 

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12:00 to 13:15 (UK Time)
Friday 21 October 2022

Virtual Format

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