Gridware Demo - Cyber Incident Response and Triage

Topic: Incident Response
Region: ANZ
Presented By: Nicholas Pockl-Deen, Senior Incident Response Manager, Gridware Cybersecurity & Michael Heikkilae, Senior DFIR Manager, Gridware Cybersecurity

Gridware get a call nearly everyday from someone who is under attack, and in this session they will demonstrate the incident response process that they use each time and which they have perfected over many years.

The No 1 benefit of attending this session is that you will quickly be able to contrast your situation with a “best practice” scenario. If you find that there is an uncomfortable gap, you can then take remedial action.

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Mercury ISS Demo - How hackers research their targets prior to a cyberattack

Topic: Pen Testing
Region: ANZ
Presented By: Edward Farrell, Director and Principal Consultant, Mercury ISS

A key benefit of attending this demo, is that Mercury will provide you with a complimentary vulnerability assessment, which will outline your cyber security issues and risks. This assessment, which is optional, will be provided to you directly and not shared with the other delegates. It will be useful because as Edward steps you through examples of common vulnerabilities during the demo, you will be able to instantly identify which risks currently apply to you.

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NetApp Cloud Manager Demo

Topic: Cloud Mobility
Region: ANZ
Presented By: Chris Gondek, Tech Evangelist, NetApp

In this demo, you will be shown how to:

  • Spin up a cloud instance of Azure, then one with GCP, choosing your preferred storage volumes, protocols, and performance capability
  • Replicate data on Azure to GCP, and then replicate back from GCP to Azure
  • Easily manage cross cloud relationships

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Prisma Access Demo: Hybrid Work Security

Topic: Hybrid Cloud
Region: EMEA
Presented By: Dave Harper, Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks & Brett Ayres, Service Director, Teneo

The technology being demonstrated is Prisma Access from Palo Alto Networks. In a recent AV-Comparatives Report, Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access achieved the best scores overall for security efficacy, including URL filtering, credential-theft prevention, DNS security and evasion protection.

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Swimlane SOAR Demo

Topic: SOAR
Region: ANZ
Presented By: Gavin Coulthard, Technical Director, Swimlane

The technology being demonstrated is Swimlane, which is the No 1 Trusted low code security automation platform according to Gartner Peer Insights.

The Swimlane APIs integrate with practical all cyber technologies which allows you to centralise all your cyber alerts, and then more efficiently process them using automation and easily customised playbooks.

This session will only be of value if you run a SOC internally.

The demo, will cover the day in the life of a SOC and will cover 4 broad areas:

  • Detection and analysis
  • Collaboration and correlation
  • Remediation and response
  • After actions reports

Even if you have an existing SOAR, this demo will still be of value, because you will be able to compare your current solution with a more sophisticated alternative.

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XSOAR DEMO - Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Topic: SOAR
Region: EMEA
Presented By: Steven Ditmore, Systems Engineer - Cortex, Palo Alto Networks & Joe Nelson, Senior Sales Engineer, Trustwave

The technology being demonstrated is Cortex XSOAR from Palo Alto Networks. With 750+ integrations and 680+ content packs for a wide range of security use cases, this solution makes it easy for you to orchestrate and automate incident response workflows and processes across your environment.

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