StrategyMix ABM in the Channel Webinar Recording (ANZ: 20 April 2018)



ABM Webinar Recording (Friday 20 April 2018)

This webinar recording is suitable for partners, vendors and distributors all of whom are faced with the same problem: that mass-marketing, which is the default option in the channel, is becoming increasingly ineffective.

If you talk to prospects, they will quickly tell you that they receive so many, generic, low value, marketing offers, that they literally delete most of their emails and refuse to take calls from their switchboard.

The ABM Solution

Some IT vendors have adopted Account-Based Marketing as a way to offer greater value to prospects and customers, but it has rarely been seen in the channel.

In this webinar recording, we explain how to develop and implement an Account-Based Marketing strategy, including:

  • How to select the best target sectors (based on ICP and web research data)
  • How to build a target account database (to supplement your existing database)
  • How to develop an account-based marketing plan for each target sector (multi-solution and continuous)
  • How to implement an account-based marketing program (multi-process & closely aligned to sales)

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