No 1 Channel Marketing Solution

While StrategyMix may not be the most popular channel marketing solution, it is certainly the best, and at the heart of our channel marketing solution is the StrategyMix marketing system. This is not a simple vendor-based portal, but a network of fully functional, world-class, marketing systems that have been battle tested since 2004.

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No 1 Telemarketing System

We help telemarketing agencies and in-house telemarketing teams get better results by reducing the number of cold calls and increasing the number of dynamically triggered calls that are made when a prospect has "shown interest" in a related product or service.

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No 1 in Managed Marketing Automation

Generate qualified leads more consistently and at lower cost with our blended delivery model, which combines onshore consultancy with low-cost, offshore implementation, that also saves you time.

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What They're Saying

Tim Hill

Senior Marketing Manager
CommVault Australia and New Zealand

The multi-touch programs we've run are a great tool to engage with your channel and direct sales teams. It defines a clear journey with your prospects so you engage at the right time and in the right way. Our resellers are clearly the winners and our sales teams are happy with the end results as well - better qualified leads.

Marco Corrent

Regional Channel Director,
HP Australia

StrategyMix say they will double your leads and they do. But just as important as the leads, they provide a systematic process that you can rely on to help grow your business and that of your channel partners. I'm a big fan of their multi-touch approach.

Tim Davoren

Managing Director
Evercom Networks

Having utilised marketing consultancy and services from several firms over 7 years as a business owner I find StrategyMix's multi-touch approach and genuinely knowledgeable staff very impressive.

Their highly innovative lead generation strategies, which respond quickly to our own feedback, is exactly what we need to grow this business and that of our business

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