Meet Nerissa



Hi, my name is Nerissa Tong. I’m a StrategyMix Marketing Consultant and if you’re thinking about becoming a StrategyMix client and you’re based in the UK, then I COULD be helping you with your marketing.

This purpose of this video is for me to introduce myself, so you can learn a bit about me and decide – without actually meeting me – if you’d like me to help you with your marketing. It’s OK to say No, although I’d prefer you to say YES.

About me

Prior to joining StrategyMix, I was the head of corporate marketing for Exertis UK, a 2.5 billion pound distributer, and before that I was the Software Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland for Techdata – another major distributor.

So, I think it’s fair to say that I know a bit about channel marketing.

All about you

But of course, its’ really all about you. So, let me describe what you might look like: You’ll be an IT reseller based in the UK or Ireland. You probably have 4 or 5 key vendors.

You have pretty decent sales, mostly driven by word of mouth because you have good engineers and you look after your clients. BUT you realize that you could do even better if you could just improve your marketing.

Can we talk?

If that sounds like you, then I’d like to talk to you. In my portfolio at StrategyMix, I can only take on a maximum of 8 clients, so if it would be alright with you then I’d like to setup a call sooner that than later.

Please get in touch. Bye for now.

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