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Hi, my name is Jonathan from StrategyMix and in this video, I’m going to explain how we help our full spectrum clients do more effective marketing through data coding.

Whats the problem

First question, as always, is what’s the problem we’re trying to solve? And in this case, there are 2 problems.

One is related to campaign selection. The other is related to data coverage. Let me explain. Let’s say you want to run an exclusive event for CIOs and their equivalents.

So, how do you select CIOs into the campaign? The problem is that you can’t select them on a keyword search because there are literally hundreds of variations of this job title.

Or what if you wanted to just select “Techies” to a demo session? It’s the same problem. What you don’t want to do is to invite Techies to the exclusive CIO lunch because places are limited or CIOs to the demo, because they might unsubscribe.

When it comes to data coverage, it’s the same problem but a different question, which is: In a given set of target companies, how do you create a report that shows that you have at least one CIO per target company? You probably can’t, but our full spectrum clients can, and this is how we make it possible.

Obvious Answer

The obvious answer is to assign a job title code to each of your contacts, which would look something like this: But the problem is that you have a database with say 4000 records.

If this is the case, then on average 60% of them will be unique records, which means you’ve got 2400 records to code. And if you get new records, you have to code them too. Who has the time and keep on top of it?

There must be a better way and there is. We call it the job coding club.

This is how it works:

Each client provides us with an export of their job titles. This is non-sensitive data. It looks like this, in spreadsheet format. We then combine, dedupe and code the data in a central system we call “Job Coder” – for obvious reasons.

From this central system, we can then automatically assign job title codes to each contact in our client systems, where there is a match on the job titles. We then repeat this process and refresh the data continuously. Problem solved.

Lead Question

Now obviously this is a very simple solution and it is just a tiny example of what we do to help our clients improve the effectiveness of their marketing data, but it does lead us to an important question, which is: What are you doing to enhance your marketing data and if YOU’RE NOT doing anything, then WHO IS?

Thank you for your time

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