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Hi, my name is Nerissa Tong from StrategyMix and this video, I’m going to talk about our Full Spectrum Trial for IT Partners.

Managed Trial

This trial is different to most because it is a managed trial. We don’t just give you password access to a system and expect you to “get on with it”.

We actually treat you like a real client, we use real data and we get real results. All of which gives you a useful understanding of what it’s like to work with StrategyMix.

Free to you

This trial is also different in that while it may be free to you, it will usually be funded through MDF. As part of the trial, we talk to your vendors to obtain the MDF.

How it works

The first step is to set up a call with StrategyMix. In this call, we “plan out” a good “first campaign”. In the first campaign, we might be promoting a video, an event, a webinar or we might like to keep it simple and start with a vendor asset – such as a white paper.

Typically, the first campaign will include email and social media promotion, as well as some database building.


Once we have a plan, we work with you to obtain funding. Once the funding is approved, we provide you with a StrategyMix marketing system, design your email template and landing pages (based on the look and feel of your website), import your marketing data and implement the campaign.

Following the implementation, we review your leads, discuss follow-up strategies and suggest ways that your marketing could be developed.

What's next?

And that’s the end of the trial. At this point, you might decide that you would like to continue working with StrategyMix – or not. There is no obligation.

So, as they say, what have you go to lose? I’d recommend that you apply for a Full Spectrum, managed Trial RIGHT now.

Thank you for your time.

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