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5 Reasons why Palo Alto's Channel Marketing is so Successful

This blog is a virtual case study. It explains how Palo Alto Networks implemented a highly successful channel marketing program in the second half of 2015, based on the following measures:

1. High Partner Participation
2. 100% Utilization Rate
3. Very High Response Rates

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Is 1-to-1 the most effective channel marketing option?

1-to-1 Channel Marketing has the potential to solve many of the most difficult channel marketing problems. These include:

1. Ever declining response rates, particularly for email and telemarketing campaigns
2. A consequent reduction in qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs)
3. Negative ROI on many channel marketing program

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1-to-1 Marketing for Resellers: How to position yourself as a Trusted Advisor

1-to-1 Marketing is all about building a real relationship between ONE sales person and ONE prospect in a key target account.

There are 3 guiding principles:

1. Principle No 1: Achieve Trusted Advisor Status
2. Principle No 2: By providing valuable information
3. Principle No 3: That promotes your business

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How to build a responsive marketing database (for resellers)

If you are a reseller then this blog has been written for you.

It will provide you with practical advice which will help you to build a marketing database that is highly responsive.

A responsive database is a very valuable asset, because it is a necessary foundation for all successful lead generation programs.

Without a responsive database, your lead generation efforts will nearly always fail.

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Are most Channel Marketing Automation Systems Flawed?


In this blog, we point out that most channel marketing automation systems are vendor centric. They have been developed for vendors, to be purchased by vendors and do not serve the best interest of resellers.

In the channel, there has always been some conflict of interest. Some of the new channel marketing systems simply automate and perhaps amplify that conflict of interest and make it worse.

There is however, an alternative option which is a reseller centric approach to marketing automation, which will not only better serve resellers but ultimately will also be better for the vendors they represent.

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