What it’s like to work with StrategyMix

Written by Erica Smith, Blue Connections


I’ve been working with StrategyMix for about 8 months and I am so glad I engaged with them.

My role involves vendor alliance and marketing and in what was initially a part time role, the workload has grown into full time hours.

At Blue Connections, we have a very busy marketing program. I honestly have no idea how I could get everything done without StrategyMix.

This is how it works.

Every week, I have a 30-minute meeting with StrategyMix, where we go through the call notes – a list of all the action items we said we would do in the last call.

We talk through all the options and decide what to do next. It’s a great sounding board and I get good, impartial advice. The fact that StrategyMix has a great understanding of the IT landscape definitely assists me with my campaign strategy.

Then StrategyMix does their thing, which depending on the campaign can be everything from design, campaign management through to database building. And then I do my thing, which is ensuring the sales team follow up all leads generated, ROI is demonstrated, liaising with our key vendors and reporting to management.

Then we talk about it in our next call and do it all over again.

So, if you’re a marketing manager at a busy reseller like me, then my advice would be to get StrategyMix on board. It will cost you practically nothing, as nearly everything they do is MDF funded, it will save you a huge amount of time and stress and you’ll get a much better result for your company.