Virtual Marketing Managers

Do you need a highly competent, reliable, part-time marketing manager that you don’t need to train or manage?
Victoria Cole

Victoria Cole

Virtual Marketing Manager for Hire !

6 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Marketing Manager

Highly Trained

So you don’t have to spend time and money on training

Free System

StrategyMix Marketing System – save money, be more efficient

Cost Effective

Don’t pay for “Friday afternoons” or employer costs ($$$)


Highly Flexible

If you need to slow down your marketing, you can do so

IT Marketing

Highly experienced in marketing IT solutions and services


Match your requirements – part-time, full-time – whatever you need

How do you know if you need a virtual Marketing Manager?

  • You miss deadlines – everything gets pushed back because you run out of time
  • Marketing takes up too much management time 
  • You lack marketing expertise – nobody in the company is a marketing guru
  • You make too many marketing mistakes – due to a lack of training
  • Your marketing is simplistic – you’re still doing basic email marketing
  • Your marketing is inconsistent – because you miss deadlines

How much is a Virtual Marketing Manager?

Per Hour $95 £70 $110
Per Day (8 hours) $650 £470 $750

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