virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO)
Do you have a someone to challenge and then develop your marketing strategy?
Christine Rowlstone

Christine Rowlstone

vCMO for Hire !

6 Reasons to hire a vCMO

Hire Experience

Get experience on your side – at relatively low cost

Ask the Right Questions

Get someone to question your marketing strategy

Be More Strategic

Ensure your marketing is strategic – not just tactical

Do Better Marketing

Do better marketing with vendors – not just accept what you are told

Fill a Gap Temporarily

Fill a gap until you can afford a full-time marketing director

Make Better Decisions

Make better marketing decisions based on a better strategy

How do you know if you need a virtual CMO?

  • Your marketing is not building relationships with new target accounts
  • Sales don’t believe in marketing – yet sales are slow
  • You’re running digital / inbound marketing – yet you get few quality leads
  • Your marketing is the same as everyone else – you don’t stand out
  • Your reputation in the market is not constantly improving

How much is a virtual CMO?

Per Hour $125 £95 $170
Per Day (8 hours) $850 £550 $1150

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