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Is Social Authentication a good idea? Do people want to link their social credentials to business services? And can we trust the tech giants?


So the question of socials the question is social authentication a good idea do people want to link their social credentials to business services and also can we trust the tech giants?

So andy what's your experience?

Here um i would say it's not just tech chance so something we're seeing in the last three year or so if we look at pandora's responses actually we have government adjacent identifiers and how do we link those two services are we comfortable linking those two services if you look at any of the national id card programs how do we take that really strong source of identity and use that to link to my utilities company for example can i log in with a government id there we see a particular pattern when we're looking at the data for how social issues were on the platform is it really matters what the demographic of your user base is so one particular use base might really want to be able to log in with instagram for example that might completely fall flat in a financial sector like causeway actually that that's not appropriate for our use case so i think it's being very aware of who your demographic is who the users are what information they're comfortable sharing with you


All right um andreas do you want to build on that because this is something you do use


Uh i would say yeah no i i can just repeat what he said so yeah



All right because anything to out there


Pretty pretty much the same as the landing dresses repeat i can give you a good example of our use cases so you know in the financial sector well you know where we are we'll have a client as a corporate entity so we may have an md uh you know a lot large-scale company who we we're dealing with at a corporate level we're using his corporate id or her corporate id that person may also be part of our private wealth sector so their family themselves may have an interaction with us and at that point they may not want to wish their corporate use their corporate id and want to use a different one again depending on their family maybe they their younger children as only said they may want to engage with us with a gmail account a facebook account or instagram account so we now have to start thinking about layers of authentication depending on where the entry point and the service that we're delivering to these clients so you know previously i sort of said you know my security people will frown on us using social accounts but actually we have to go back and talk to them about the particular context of how we're interacting with uh to to to to a degree a generation of people and look at the different ways they wish to authenticate with us so i and i am seeing it now that the younger generation you know you've got 16 year olds 20 year old 25 years who are coming to us with instagram accounts rather than you know a corporate account so we do have to start factoring that in you.