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For StrategyMix, a Trusted Advisor can be defined as an individual who Is demonstrably a subject matter expert and thought leader in their field.

If you follow the video links on this page, you'll be able to easily verify for yourself that all these trusted advisors are indeed thought leaders.

A Trusted Advisor might be a vendor or an end-user.

We are constantly looking to identify trusted advisors because they add value to our roundtable and to our Insights forum, by providing quality answers to member questions.

If you believe you are a thought leader, then please get in touch.

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Andrew Horton

CTO, ThreatCanary

I have recently completed working to uplift DevSecOps and Cyber in Service NSW, an Australian New South Wales government department. I am a full-stack leader, crypto enthusiast, and cybersecurity expert. I am best known for my open-source security research, forming part of the standard arsenal of penetration testers and blackhat hackers alike, along with mentions in textbooks (The Browser Hacker's Handbook), academic papers, professional methodologies (OWASP Testing Guide and PTES), and Kali Linux - the most popular Linux security distribution used daily by security professionals. I was previously Director of Engineering for CoinPayments, the world's largest cryptocurrency payments provider. I also advise start-ups, mentor, occasionally give conference presentations, and host the popular information security news aggregator at I am a believer in open-source in security, McKinsey-style consulting, and advocate Kaizen.

Matt Flannery

Principal DevSecOps Advisor, Service NSW

I am seasoned in technology and management consulting with a candid ability to marry organisational requirements with the most suitable methodologies and technologies at the time, having a passion for bleeding edge technology and best practice thereof. Natural in taking ideas from zero to hero with fresh approaches, I bring deep practical experience across three very different technical disciplines: Development, Security and Infrastructure and couple this with strong business acumen and leadership. I pride myself on being able to rapidly become an expert in new and emerging technology, but not only this, I push to performance engineer technology past its understood limits. Having a keen insight into identifying business problems both now and future, and as a founder of a consultancy that has provided both services and software to top ASX20 companies, Government and Banks, I have not only developed solutions from scratch but sold into born in the cloud SaaS disruptors, government, financial services and enterprise. I value good leadership, strong teamwork and feel that a good team culture is crucial to any organisations success. Based on my pride of my craft, I express commitment into strategizing, developing and implementing solutions, not until parties are happy, but expectations are exceeded. I enjoy public speaking and running live demos infront of crowds where everything can go wrong.