ANZ Round-Table Sponsorship Opportunities

Upcoming Cyber Security Round-Tables

  • Sydney: Cloud Security (Wed 31 July)
  • Melbourne: Healthcare / NFPs (Wed 14 August)
  • Sydney: Endpoint Protection (Thu 15 August)
  • Melbourne: Education (Wed 21 August)
  • Sydney: Financial Services (Thu 29 August)

About StrategyMix Round-Tables

StrategyMix has developed a unique process called Delegate Optimisation, which we apply to round-table marketing to maximise the usefulness of the discussion both from the perspective of our sponsors and the delegates. The Round-Tables shown on this page are provided “out of the box”. This solution is designed to make round-table marketing as easy as possible. We do all the pre-work including developing the theme, setting the date, acquiring the drawcard, booking the venue and pre-researching the target market. We then invite you to sponsor it, either directly or in association with your partners.

Why Sponsor?

As an IT vendor or reseller, these round-tables are an opportunity for you to join a cyber security discussion, quietly demonstrate your expertise and build relationships with senior IT and cyber security executives.
There are two sponsorship options: Gold and Bronze. The Gold sponsorship will ‘trump’ Bronze sponsorships. All sponsorships can be co-funded or fully funded by vendors and resellers.



The GOLD option is exclusive.
The fee is A$8,000 ex GST, which will give you:

  • Co-Facilitation
  • 3 delegate places
  • Signage rights
  • Logo inclusion in future promotions (max 4 logos)



There are 3 BRONZE sponsorships.
The fee is A$2,900 ex GST, which will give you:

  • 1 delegate place
  • Signage rights
  • Logo inclusion in future promotions (max 1 logo)



How to Register your Interest

Sponsorship is available on a first come, first served basis.

To win a sponsorship opportunity, you should first register your interest. We will then advise you of the sponsorship status for each up-coming round-table. We will also answer your questions and send you a sponsorship agreement.

To register your interest or to ask a question, simply complete the form on the right.