StrategyMix Marketing System

A powerful, stand-alone marketing system with special functionality for account-based channel marketing.


The StrategyMix System is fully integrated so you can do all your marketing with just one system.


The StrategyMix System is excellent value for money. Check out our pricing.


The StrategyMix System has been “battle tested” since 2004, so is very “solid”.

Key Marketing Features

Email Marketing

Integrated into all your event, white paper, survey, video and telesales campaigns

Landing Pages / Registrations

Capture inbound leads from social media or pre-fill forms for all your outbound campaigns

Marketing Automation

Run drip-feed campaigns to nurture leads and automatically switch prospects between campaigns based on triggers


Run telesales campaigns to drive event attendance or qualify leads with comprehensive reports


Manage forecasts, opportunities and sales in the one system, with product and profitability analysis

Profile Surveys

Run “Active Surveys” in sequence to slowly capture market feedback, with inbuilt profile scoring

Event Management

Manage event registrations with confirmation emails, wait lists and attendance management

Data Management

Improve your data quality with firmographics, position coding, and key contact “gap analysis”

Website Analytics

Monitor identifiable contacts as they visit your website with automated trigger alerts

Custom Reporting

Build and save your own custom reports so you can reuse them on screen or export to Excel

Project Management

Manage your marketing as a series of projects with highly coordinated cross-functional teams

Timesheet Management

Assign tasks to team members and enable them to record their times against each task

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