StrategyMix Round-Tables

Discuss common problems and explore new opportunities with your peers – other IT professionals

Perth: Rambla On Swan

Sydney: Bistro Guillaume

Brisbane Club - Wine Cellar

Sydney: Bistro Guillaume (Mini)

Round-Table Format and Roles

The Facilitator

The role of the facilitator is to steer the conversation in whatever direction is of interest to the group. It is not to dominate or present, since the round-table is all about discussion.

None of our facilitators are “professional facilitators”. They are either volunteers or our sponsors. 

The Special Guest

We often invite a special guest, which is nearly always an ‘end user’. Their role is to answer the first few questions to help the facilitator get the conversation “rolling”. 

They are not presenting anything. Just sharing their personal points of view and experience with the group.

The Delegates

The role of the delegates is to participate in the conversation and to add-value to the group by sharing your own experience.

The real value comes from the fact that however smart you might be, you’re unlikely to be smarter than the collective wisdom of the group.

Standard vs Mini Round-Tables

Standard Round-Tables

We always hold our “Standard” round-tables in a private dining room. This is becuase we typically aim for between 12 to 14 delegates and the noise would be too great for other diners.

We try to ensure that we have no more than 14 delegates because if we do there is a risk that the conversation will break down – we’re looking for a single converstion.

Mini Round-Tables

Our Mini Round-tables are typically half the size of a standard round-table – usually beteen 6 and 8 delegates. The smaller group size allows us to focus on more specific, niche topics which makes them more valuable. On the other hand, you don’t benefit from the broader perspective of a standard round-table.

Due to the smaller group size, we sometimes hold Mini’s at the corner table of smart restaurant.

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