Round-Table Marketing

Would you like to run one round-table event a month and know that you will get a quality audience every time?

3 Reasons to Run Round-Table Events

Generate Meaningful Conversations

Until you can engage an individual in a conversation, you cannot build trust.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Educate your prospects with innovative, new ideas and  concepts.

Become a Trusted Advisor

People buy from people they know, trust and whose opinions they respect.

How to Attract Quality Delegates
to your Round-Table Event

Target a Vertical Sector

Maximise the relevance of your round table to a specific industry vertical.

Invite a Guest Facilitator

Include a “draw-card” in your round table, preferably a client from the target industry.

Research your Content

Ensure you address the business issues that are relevant to your target sector.

Multi-Channel Marketing

To attract a quality audience,  use a combination of LinkedIn connections, emails, phone calls

Build a Target Database

First enhance your customer data. Then build a database of target prospects that match your ICP

Engage an Agency

Work with a marketing agency like StrategyMix that specialise in B2B, ABM, IT Channel Marketing

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