StrategMix Group Rules

Qualification for Membership
Membership is restricted to IT end-users and a few carefully selected trusted advisors, who we believe will add value to our groups by answering member questions with insightful answers.

Social Behaviour
Members are expected to always act in a professional manner, adopt normal forum protocols and be respectful of the opinions of others. Obscene language or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

Chatham House Rule
Just like our roundtables, the Chatham House Rule also applies to all our LinkedIn Groups. This means that anyone who joins the group is free to use information from within the group but is not allowed to reveal who made any particular comment. (

Overt Sales Behaviour and Product Spruiking
All members are asked to refrain from overt sales behaviour including the promotion of vendor products and services. Trusted advisors are asked to not message other group LinkedIn Group Members requesting a sales call.

Report Abuse
Members are encouraged to report any abuse of these membership conditions, by contacting Jonathan Calver directly on: All abuse reports will be treated with discretion and your identity will not be revealed.

Withdrawal of Membership
We operate a "two strikes and you're out" rule. First, we issue a warning, then we remove you from the group if you break these group rules.

Group Promotions
To help us create the most useful discussions possible, both online and offline, your job title and your company name may be shared with other potential members to encourage them to join the StrategyMix Groups.