StrategyMix Full Spectrum Marketing Solution

Written by Jonathan Calver, CEO, StrategyMix

Hi, my name is Jonathan Calver from StrategyMix and in this video I’m going to introduce the StrategyMix Full Spectrum Marketing program.

This program is partner-centric, so if you are an IT reseller then this video is for you. The full spectrum marketing program has been developed by StrategyMix over several years. It has a Net Promoter Score of 100. Within the Full Spectrum Program, there are 7 core principles

Principle No 1: Multi-vendor marketing

If you take out Christmas and the Summer holidays, you have about 10 active marketing months. Assuming a maximum of 2 campaigns per month, then that’s just 20 Marketing slots. A core principle of this program is that the number of marketing slots you assign to your vendors, should be proportional to the value of each vendor to your business. So, if one vendor is worth 40% of your business, then you should assign them 40% of your marketing schedule, and so on. The program works best if you have complimentary vendors and we can work with all of them.

Principle No 2: Fully Managed

The Full Spectrum Program is fully managed, which means that you don’t need to do anything from a marketing perspective. It is all done for you. This is brilliant if you have limited or no marketing resources. You are also given your own fully functional, StrategyMix Marketing automation system as part of the program at no cost.

Principle No 3: Management Commitment

Although the Full Spectrum Program is fully managed, we still need your input, which takes the form of a 30-minute meeting with one of our marketing consultants every week. At the end of every meeting, our marketing consultant will write up the “call notes” – a description of what was agreed in the call, plus action items. The call notes drive the agenda at the next meeting.

Principle 4: Partner-led Content

Most partners in this Program take a consultative rather than product based approach to sales. As a result, we need to demonstrate your thought leadership, build trust and position you as a trusted advisor. This means that we need to develop content, specifically for you. This includes blogs, round-table events, and more recently videos.

Principle No 5: Outbound and Inbound Marketing

Most Channel Marketing programs are just outbound. Yet at as soon as you move outside of the channel, Inbound Marketing which includes social media and website promotions is seen as being at least of equal value. We want you to do both Inbound leads tend to be more valuable – because they are coming to you.

Principle No 6: Continuous Database Building

Most partners have databases that could be significantly improved. Most partners know this. They just don’t get around to doing anything about it. We include database building with every campaign. We have a concept called “building at the edge”, which means that we’re identifying the contacts that you don’t know yet, but who are similar to and may know your existing contacts. This promotes word of mouth.

Principle No 7: Systematic lead follow-up

Generating leads is relatively easy. We go beyond that to demonstrate your thought leadership and position you as a trusted advisor. You still however, have to follow-up your leads to ask them for a meeting. We work with you to develop a systematic lead follow-up process. This can be actioned in practically any CRM system. If you don’t have a CRM system, then you can use the StrategyMix CRM module. I hope you have found that this video has been useful.

What next?

If you would like to try the Full Spectrum approach on a one-campaign, trial basis or if you would just like to ask a few questions, then I’d recommend that you set up a call with one of our marketing consultants in your time zone. Thank you for your time.