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28 Oct 2021


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Virtual Roundtable and Whisky Masterclass on Deploying Cloud Containers and Microservices (AEDT)

The primary focus of this event will be to explore how organisations can use containers and microservices to optimize cloud costs, improve application performance and greatly increase the flexibility and portability of application workloads by decoupling applications from their data.

As with all our roundtables, you will get the most value from the open discussion with your peers, which in the case of this event will be other “cloud leaders” – Senior IT Professionals from companies that are well established in the cloud and are now looking to leverage the cloud as “cloud natives”.

While the questions to be discussed in this roundtable will be determined by the group as part of the registration process, examples of the type of questions we might expect to answer include:

>  Is there a framework that we can use to evaluate container risk, investment and innovation against business benefits? And should we adopt a bimodal approach to explore and test container-based applications to build a business case for future investment?
>  Does a multi-cloud strategy make financial sense or should we accept vendor lock-in and focus our limited resources and skill sets on just one of the Hyperscalers, if so is the risk acceptable?
>  If we are to be drawn into multi-cloud PAAS and IAAS environment, where transactions span clouds, how can we best manage service levels, data latency and multi cloud reliability?

As with all our roundtables, you will get the most value from the open discussion with your peers, other CIOs and Heads of IT who like you, are all facing a common problem. For this reason, there will be no PowerPoints or formal presentations.

The roundtable will be facilitated by Steve Orfanos of Kytec and Doug Brown of Cisco, who are both subject matter experts and well respected within the cyber community.

Roundtable Registrations

If you would like to join the discussion, please note that if you do register, your company name will be shared with other delegates and potential delegates. This is to help us create the most useful discussion possible.

Cloud Leaders Group

Following this roundtable, we plan to launch a Cloud Leaders Group, where you will be able to “continue the conversation” using our standard Q&A roundtable format with the other delegates using a secure online platform. If you are unable to attend this roundtable, due to time constraints rather than a lack of interest, then you can still register your interest in joining the Cloud Leaders Group.

Virtual Whisky Tasting Masterclass

Following the discussion, please join us for a relaxed whisky tasting experience. We will send you a hand-picked selection of fine whisky in advance, so please register asap to ensure you receive your whisky delivery in plenty of time. This is particularly important now, given the delays at Australia Post.

If you don’t drink Whisky, then we have alternatives, such as Gin. If you don’t drink at all, then you can attend the roundtable and skip the drinks.