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14 Oct 2021


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Virtual Roundtable and Whisky Masterclass on Cloud Security (AEDT)

At this event, we start with the assumption that the corporate adoption of cloud services is only likely to increase and that your sensitive data and critical applications will therefore continue to migrate outside of your perimeter where you have less visibility and control.

The question is: how should organisations extend their security policies and procedures to better control the risk of data loss or compromise in the cloud, where security falls under a shared responsibility model?

The questions to be discussed will be determined by the group, but good examples of the kind of questions, we might expect to answer include:

>  What risks do we need to assess and mitigate in Microsoft 365 and Azure, how do we go about it?
>  When the “chips are down”, how does the shared responsibility model in the cloud actually work and how should we prepare for an incident?
>  What are the top 5 Best Practices that we can adopt to reduce cloud security risk?
>  What about multi-cloud? What happens to our risk profile if our data is “on the move” between clouds or from on-prem to the cloud?
>  What incidents have already occurred in the cloud and what can we learn from the experience of these companies?

How to Register

If you would like to join the discussion, please note that if you do register, your company name will be shared with other delegates and potential delegates. This is to help us create the most useful discussion possible.

Virtual Whisky Tasting Masterclass

Following the discussion, please join us for a relaxed whisky tasting experience. We will send you a hand-picked selection of fine whisky in advance, so please register asap to ensure you receive your whisky delivery in plenty of time. This is particularly important now, given the delays at Australia Post.

If you don’t drink Whisky, then we have alternatives, such as Gin. If you don’t drink at all, then you can attend the roundtable and skip the drinks.

The event is finished.