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18 Sep 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Virtual Panel Session: Security Awareness (Online AEDT)

Why attend?

The primary focus of this event will be to explore how organisations can best deliver, highly targeted security awareness programs to protect their employees from sophisticated cyber-attacks using phishing emails and social engineering.

Submit your questions to the panel

By attending this event, you will be able to submit your questions on security awareness to our panel of experts, either at the time of registration or via the chat facility.

Good examples of the kind of questions, we might expect to answer include:

1.   What is the best way to baseline security awareness levels in an organisation? What metrics can be used to track behaviour improvements?
2.   How do you stop repeat offenders clicking on links? Are they offenders or victims? How do we manage them from both an HR and security perspective?
3.   How do you persuade senior executives that they also require training because they too, are vulnerable to advanced phishing attacks?
4.   How are you measuring the success of a T&A program? It has to be more than a box ticking exercise.
5.   Do we need to redesign our security awareness programs, given the sudden increase in remote workers and if so how? Should we combine home security with work security?
6.   How do we extend security awareness programs to include third party organisations that are critical to our infrastructure, and what role should procurement play?

Who should attend?

Security Awareness is important for all levels of all organisations and is a shared responsibility across your entire management team, including HR, Operations and Finance. It is not just an issue for IT or Cybersecurity. Since this is a virtual event held on the Zoom platform, we have virtually unlimited places. You should therefore encourage multiple members of your management team to attend.

Unavailable on the day? Register for the video highlights

This panel session will be recorded and the resulting output will be converted into a series of “Video Highlights”, which will be released approximately one month after the panel session. All registered delegate will receive a link to the video highlights. However, if you are unable to attend on the day, you can register now for just the video highlights.

The event is finished.