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14 May 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Virtual Panel Session: Converged Security (AEST)

At this PowerPoint-free event, we explore Converged Security – the point where the traditional silos of Physical, Personnel and Information Security intersect.

The lines between physical security and cybersecurity risk are blurring with developments in cyber-physical systems and the growth of the Internet of Things. As these technologies reach further into the physical world, cyberattacks increasingly have the potential to inflict physical and human damage.

As a result, the conventional wisdom of viewing cybersecurity and physical security as separate functions within an organisation is now being questioned.

Submit your questions to the panel

By attending this event, you will be able to submit your questions on Converged Security to our panel of experts, either at the time of registration or via the Q&A facility.

Good examples of the kind of questions, we might expect to answer include:

1.  What are some examples of the types of hybrid cyber-physical threats that require a hybrid risk mitigation response?
2.  How does Converged Security fit in with Enterprise Security Risk Management?
3.  What is the current state of play? How many organisations have converged their physical security and cybersecurity functions? What benefits have they derived as a result?
4.  Are there different converged organisational models? Who controls the budget? Who makes the decisions?
5.  What role has the Internet of Things played in the genesis of Converged Security?
6.  How do you identify physical assets that have digital links? Is there a framework for assessing the vulnerability of assets?

Unavailable on the day? Register for the video highlights

This panel session will be recorded and the resulting output will be converted into a series of “Video Highlights”, where one video will cover one question. All registered delegates will receive an email notification with links to the videos as soon as they are produced. However, if you are unable to attend on the day, you can register now for just the video highlights.

To view an ever-growing library of peer-reviewed videos, across a diverse range of cyber and IT related topics, go to: www.strategymix.com/videos.

The event is finished.