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27 Nov 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Virtual Panel Session on Cloud Mobility: The adoption of Containers and Kubernetes (AEDT)

The primary focus of this event will be to explore how organisations can use Containers and Kubernetes to optimize cloud costs, improve application performance and greatly increase the flexibility and portability of application workloads by decoupling applications from their data.

The fundamental question is: If the future of IT is in the cloud, then is the future of cloud IT going to be built on Containers and Kubernetes?

Submit your questions to the panel

By attending this event, you will be able to submit your questions to our panel of experts, either at the time of registration or via the chat facility.

Good examples of the kind of questions, we might expect to answer include:

1.   What is Kubernetes and how can it help IT respond faster than ever before, without creating cost or management problems?
2.   Why is a container-based cloud mobility strategy, so very different to a simple “lift and shift” strategy of moving virtual workloads to the cloud?
3.   What operational benefits that you can easily demonstrate to a board of directors, will be realised by improving your cloud mobility?
4.   How can Kubernetes help you create a better customer experience – from Digital Transformation to Customer Experience Transformation?
5.   What place should Kubernetes have in your strategic IT roadmap for the next say 3 years and what impediments might slow down their adoption?
6.   What is the best way to get started, so you can realise the true value of containers and ensure reliability?

Who should attend?

Containers and Kubernetes are the future of cloud mobility and the building blocks of future cloud workloads, so this topic should be relevant to your entire IT team. Please feel free to encourage multiple members of your IT team to attend, or register for the video highlights.

Unavailable on the day? Register for the video highlights

This panel session will be recorded and the resulting output will be converted into a series of “Video Highlights”, which will be released approximately one month after the panel session.

All registered delegates will receive a link to the video highlights. However, if you are unable to attend on the day, you can register now for just the video highlights.

The event is finished.