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27 Mar 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Online Roundtable Marketing (Online AEST)

Why attend?

COVID-19 has forced a global reset. From this crisis, new ways of doing business will be created. We believe that one of them is online roundtables and that this is not just a temporary solution. It will become normal.

The best way to appreciate how an online roundtable works is to attend one, which you can do while working from home. This is not a webinar.

Online vs Offline Roundtables

An online roundtable is very similar to an offline roundtable in the sense that:

>  It is positioned as an opportunity to discuss common problem and explore new options with your peers
>  From a sales perspective, it is all about relationship building
>  From a marketing perspective, you can build trust in your brand and improve future response rates
>  You use the same marketing process – batch, multi-channel, to mapped accounts
>  You have a facilitator and a draw-card – same deal
>  The marketing costs are similar – either fixed cost or variable cost based on registrations or attending delegates

What makes an online roundtable better than its physical equivalent is that:

>  It is more time convenient for delegates to attend – no travel
>  You can focus on niche topics in markets that are geographically dispersed, even across borders
>  There are few additional variable costs, such as wine / food, so they are more cost effective
>  You can benefit from some of the platform distinctions – such as instant polling surveys
>  The conversation tends to be more focused, sharper and more useful

Online roundtables have practically nothing in common with a webinar, in the same way that an normal roundtable has very little in common with a seminar.

What to Expect

>  6 to 8 participants
>  All IT Executives
>  Use of webcams is mandatory
>  Maximum 1 participant per company
>  Think twice cancellation policy
>  Submit 2 questions prior to attending

How to Register

Please note that if you do register, then your company name will be shared with other delegates and potential delegates. This is to help us create the most useful discussion possible. We also have a few registration conditions, which you’ll find on the registration page.

The event is finished.