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Bistro Guillaume Sydney
259 George Street, Sydney 2000

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18 Mar 2020


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

*Fully Booked* Round-Table: Improving Cloud Security (Sydney)

Why attend?

A recent survey of 50 Enterprise CISO’s revealed their top 2 concerns as:

1.  Shortage of Talent (47%)
2.  Cloud Security (37%)

It’s unsurprising then that Cloud adoption rates continue to increase as Enterprises look to lower operational overheads, increase workforce mobility and deliver a better end-user experience. But the question we’ll discuss at this lunch is how do we improve Cloud Security despite a shortage of talent? Or put another way; in 2020 is it possible to have our cake and eat it? We believe so.

The session will be facilitated by Dave Shephard from Bitglass and Trent Owens from Matrium Technologies. Suggested topics to cover over lunch include:

>  Balancing risk with a great user experience
>  Maintaining visibility and control when data and users are beyond the firewall
>  Why a CASB has become a mandatory control for customers using Cloud
>  Is it possible for IT Security to move at ‘cloud-speed’?
>  How to future-proof Cyber investments as IT becomes increasingly dynamic

Undoubtedly, you will gain the most value from the open discussion with your peers – and for this reason, there will be no powerpoints or formal presentations. We promise a relaxed environment and singular conversation where all attendees can share and learn from others about how to improve cloud security. To ensure a level of intimacy and connectedness at the table, there are just 8 places available.

It’s all about the discussion

If you would like to join the discussion, then you can register now. Please note that if you do register, then your company name will be shared with other delegates and potential delegates. This is to help us create the most useful discussion possible.

Why join the CyberGroup?

At the end of many of our round-tables, someone will often say “This was really useful, how can we continue the conversation?”. The CyberGroup was created to answer this question and enable our delegates to not only continue the conversation online via our Slack channels, but also discuss other highly topical and emerging cyber issues with cyber security professionals from all across ANZ.

For further details and to join now, please visit our CyberGroup page.

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