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Hotel CBD Club Bar
75 York Street Sydney NSW 2000

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18 Mar 2020


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Network Drinks & Tech Briefing: Cloud Security (Sydney)

Why attend?

Attend this “after work” session to learn how a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solves a range of common cloud security challenges, because after all, as your data and users move beyond the firewall, so must your security.

This technical session will provide practical “how to” advice – to help you transition from legacy network-centric approaches to a new security architecture more suited to a cloud and mobile Enterprise.

Wayne Phillips, Director of Solutions Engineering at Bitglass, will demonstrate how a CASB elegantly solves a range of common, yet diverse, problems organisations face when their users & data are beyond the firewall; including…

> Applying adaptive access conditions to all Cloud apps
> Identifying and mitigating credential stuffing attacks on SaaS tenants
> Preventing sensitive data from being downloaded to unmanaged devices
> Controlling the use of personal file-sharing applications
> Routinely checking IaaS (AWS/Azure/GCP) configuration compliance against recommend industry benchmarks
> Identifying sensitive data stored in the cloud and detecting sharing violations.
> Detecting the threat of malware in files on upload, download and stored in Cloud apps
> Integration opportunities with existing Enterprise security solutions: e.g. SIEM, SWG, DLP.

Attend this session for the chance to network with peers (perhaps over a cocktail), but also to gain an understanding of how a CASB, originally synonymous with Shadow IT Discovery, has evolved into a platform, capable of being implemented a variety of ways to achieve visibility and control in the Cloud.

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