Roundtable: IT Marketing 15 Dec

As this is an open discussion roundtable, we encourage each participant to bring one “pressing” question, related to IT Marketing to the roundtable, so that they can benefit from the combined wisdom of their peers.

While the questions will be determined by the group, the sort of topics that might be discussed include:

  • Has the emergence of digital marketing meant that we have lost the art of creativity and forgotten that we are talking to humans that we need to understand, persuade and motivate?
  • Major surveys repeatedly cite brand as a high priority for marketers. How do IT marketers build their brand to leverage growth if budgets are limited or are restrained by localised marketing plans because your company is headquartered overseas?
  • Other than events, what other marketing activities are actually working in terms of generating a relationship building engagement with quality prospects?
  • What’s the best way to combat declining response rates and lower event attendance from senior executives, who have never been so busy or time poor?

This roundtable will operate under the Chatham House Rule to promote a collaborative environment, where you can learn from the shared experience of your peers. This is strickly a "no sales" zone.


12:00 to 13:15 (UK Time)

Thursday 15 December 2022



10 Places Left


Jonathan Calver

Jonathan Calver