StrategyMix Cyber Group

Why join the StrategyMix Cyber Group?

Join this group to discuss important cyber issues with other cyber security professionals and share strategies to defend against cyber security attacks.

The StrategyMix Cyber Group is both an offline and online experience.

  1. Attend our regular round table and network forums to meet other cyber security executives face-to-face
  2. And share ideas and strategies online with other cyber security experts from around the world, via the Cyber Group discussion boards and Slack channels

Why the Cyber Group was created

StrategyMix has been running a series of Cyber Security round tables, in the UK and ANZ, since late 2017. At the end of these events, someone will often ask if there is a way for everyone to “continue the conversation”. The Cyber Group was created to enable the conversation to continue online.

Who can join the StrategyMix Cyber Group?

This Cyber Group is restricted to cyber end-users and our round-table facilitators. It is not open to other vendors or resellers. To join the group, you will need to complete a short application form.

Membership of the Cyber Group, which includes access to the Slack channels and to all of our events in provided free of charge to end-users.

Advisory Board Members

Bill Robson

Head of Cyber Security, Volt Bank

Charn Tangson

Head of Cyber Security and Privacy, Willow

Saleshni Sharma

Director, Regional Information Security Officer - AsiaPac , Berkley Insurance