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Traditional vs Dynamic Telesales
Know the difference in 1.3 mins

There are broadly two approaches to telemarketing :
Traditional and Dynamic.

Watch this one minute video to find out why one is so much more effective than the other.

6 ways to trigger dynamic calls

If you've watched the video on Traditional vs Dynamic Telesales, you might be asking yourself: how do we trigger calls so our agents get through to prospects more often and have more meaningful conversations?

In this next video we show you 6 ways to trigger dynamic calls including :

  1. Response points
  2. Profile answers
  3. Website visitors
  4. Campaign registrations
  5. Opened emails
  6. Email link trackers

Learn more about dynamic triggers

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How to double your Telemarketing

Read the White Paper

How to double your Telemarketing

In this white paper, we list 10 relatively-easy-to-adopt steps which you can take to double the effectiveness of your telemarketing.

Filtered Call Lists for easy
cherry picking

Many agents have been brought up using Excel for their call lists. A key advantage of Excel is that it's easy to setup filters and then jump to the most likely prospect. With StrategyMix TM you can do exactly the same.

TM call list function demo

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Don't compromise on Data Security to
Save Money Play it Safe with StrategyMix

Isolated Systems to keep your Client Data Separate and Secure

The last thing your business can afford is data breach where data belonging to one client is mistakenly handed over to another client.

The very idea of it must make you shudder, yet many TM agencies use Excel or consolidated systems, where data from multiple clients is tipped into the same bucket and only separated by "list codes".

Don't do it.

Keep your client data separate in isolated StrategyMix systems. Cutting corners to save money can be too expensive in the long run.

Book a 1-on-1 call, ask questions,
Get Answers

While the videos on this website will give you a sense of StrategyMix TM it's not the same as a 1-on-1 conference call.

For a start you can't ask questions. Also, your business may have special requirements. The best option is set up a 30 minute conference call where we can use screen sharing to answer any questions that you or your team may have.

These calls usually only takes 30 minutes, which is surely a good use of your time.

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1 session. 30 minutes. Surely a good use of your time.

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Grow your telemarketing business

Become a StrategyMix TM Partner and
grow your business

If you're looking to grow your Telemarketing Agency, then you should talk to StrategyMix.

  1. Increase referral business with IT resellers (using our proven techniques)
  2. Position yourself as marketing thought leaders with our dynamic TM approach
  3. Provide sophisticated marketing services through our outsourced MMA programs
  4. Get listed on our referral network
  5. Get your own StrategyMix marketing system to grow your business


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What other agencies are Saying

Adam Benson

Managing Director

We've been using StrategyMix for many of our campaigns since 2006. They're very responsive and we can rely on them, which is important in our business.

Andy Kyiet

Managing Director

We have been using StrategyMix for over 10 years. The Telemarketing capability is what made us initially select the system, as it perfectly met our needs. Since then the whole system, and in particular the Telemarketing module, has gone from strength to strength. As well as providing Outbound calling, we also deliver Marketing Automation solutions. StrategyMix is still our product of choice as, unlike many other systems today, it still provides Telemarketing as an integrated part of a wide range of marketing capabilities and at the lowest cost of ownership.

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