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A quick overview of Marketing Automation
Watch this case study

In this short video, we show you how we have built a multi-campaign, marketing machine designed to generate and nurture leads for one of our clients, very efficiently at minimal cost.

Key features of the ITSM lead nurturing program include:

  • Dual stream lead nurturing (standard and accelerated)
  • Gated and non-gated marketing offers (to optimise responses)
  • Response points monitoring (to calibrate interest and auto respond)
  • Integrated telemarketing campaigns (for lead follow-up and qualification)

Get Started in Days, not Months

If you go down the self-managed MA path, you need to evaluate multiple MA systems, select one, get trained, work out how to use the system and what you want to do, upload your marketing content, import your data and switch it on. It all takes ages.

In stark contrast, we guarantee to get your managed marketing automation program up and running in just 4 days. This means that you can start marketing and generating new leads very quickly.

However, you do need to get prepared. Download our "Getting Ready for Marketing Automation Checklist" now.

Getting Ready for Marketing
Automation Checklist


Save Money, MMA is less expensive on every level

The StrategyMix system is less expensive than most competitors with comparable functionality and thanks to our blended service delivery model , which combines onshore consultancy with low-cost, offshore implementation the total cost of deployment (TCD) provides significant savings in comparison to self-managed marketing automation.


  • 3 month marketing program

    6 month marketing program

    12 month marketing program

No Training Required

Most marketing people have too much to do and too little time. Why waste time learning how to use systems when there is a viable, time efficient and cost effective alternative?

Sit back, take it easy and
Let the leads roll in

With managed marketing automation you don't need to do very much at all, other than to review your leads as they roll in. And even then, you don't need to log into the system as your leads will be sent to you automatically by email.

Like to Read? This paper is a classic

Marketing Automation and the Buyers Journey is a classic white paper on Marketing Automation. It was first written in November 2006. Since then a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same.

The concept of the Buyers Journey is still as applicable now as it was then, as it will be 100 years from now.

Click Here to read a that we wrote in 2006.
It really is quite surprising.

Timeless Quote

"In future, we envisage that all marketers will gradually replace mass marketing approaches with 1 to 1 marketing campaigns, which will be triggered by an individual's actions, governed by an overall set of logical rules and implemented through advanced marketing automation"

This represents a fundamental shift in the way we think about marketing. "From the idea of sending out 1000 emails to a thousand prospects, to the idea of sending out 1000 campaigns, where each campaign contains multiple campaign elements, and where each campaign re-adjusts itself according to the responses of each recipient."

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